John Scott: Totally Made Up (4 stars)

This article is from 2011

John Scott: Totally Made Up

Exemplary observational material worked hard in stifling venue

Winner of last year’s Take the Mic competition, John Scott has his work cut out in this stifling venue. That he manages to get laughs out of our sticky situation is a testament to his immense likeability. There’s some racy stuff, but Scott’s charm takes the sting out of his more barbed jokes. Some of our visiting friends may have some work keeping up with his delivery – and at times it seemed like he was rushing to get us out of the room – but he has some exemplary observational material.

Beehive Inn, 225 7171, until 28 Aug, 5pm, Free.

John Scott: Totally Made Up - Totally Free

  • 4 stars

In 2003 John was runner up in the Spike Milligan award. Then in 2010 came Take the Mic, the biggest cash prize award at the Edinburgh festival. Guess what? He won it. John now realises that technically this makes him a multi award-winning comedian. (At least that’s what he was told to put on the poster by his cunning, yet…

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