Soldier and Death (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Soldier and Death

Soldier fable let down by tiny puppets

There’s bags of potential in this talented young troupe of puppeteers who tell the fable-esque tale of a soldier who cheats death. All are compelling storytellers, taking turns as the narrator. But the puppets are miniscule, dwarfed by multiple puppeteers operating them and all but invisible to those not in the front row. Live sound effects compete with the story for volume, and overall the effect is one of a great idea which could use a little more polish and much larger puppets.

Soldier and Death

  • 2 stars

Cast from Heaven and Hell, having been expelled from the Tsar's army, rising through his royal courts and even capturing Death herself, our soldier is cursed to wander the lonely earth, accompanied by live Balkan music and traditional Eastern puppetry in this classic Russian folk tale: a human story of loss and struggle…

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