Conway's Time of the Month (4 stars)

This article is from 2011

Conway's Time of the Month

Hardeep Singh Kohli, Andi Osho and Imran Yusuf guest at free Edinburgh show

London-based presenter and comedian Eleanor Conway brings her 5 star thighs, the news, and a host of comedy guests to Edinburgh's cosy Space 3 at the Voodoo Rooms. On the platter of entertainment are Hardeep Singh (BBC), Andi Osho (Stand up for the Week), rising-star Imran Yusuf (Michael McIntyre's Road Show) and a slightly disgruntled ex-News of the World Employee offering a unique perspective on mighty topics such as secret celebrity-shepherd sex photos.

Conway's uncanny ability to put even the most nervous of gig audiences at ease (only one person ran away) is the bones of the show: heckling is actively encouraged (though urinating on seats is not) and there is the opportunity to take part in a pre-act questionnaire highlighting some of the more glorious and notable attributes of the general comedy-going public. Laughter-gold is wrung out of every member before the floor is handed to the headline set. Who knew one could have so much fun in the doorway of TGIFs? It's a bit like going to your best friend's house party and playing truth or dare with 30 hilarious strangers.

The evening's performance featured not only Mr Singh on close encounters of the naked kind on the Bridges, but comedy giant (not just really tall) Leo Kearse who apparently bears a striking similarity to middle-east dictators at inopportune times. Dirty, yes, but at the same time happily endearing – which is the lasting impression of Time of the Month. There aren't many shows that work four varieties of biscuit and Kendal Mint Cake so seamlessly in amongst nipples, Libya and the London riots. Miss Conway is guilty of several things, amongst them - laughter, confession, exposure and entertainment. And when you fancy a bit more of the host rather than the headline guests (and not just because of the hot-pants) you know you're onto something special – looking forward to next years revamped thighs, sequins and surprises already.

6-27 Aug 2011 9.50pm Voodoo Rooms (venue 68) Space 3 (PBH Free Fringe)

Conway's 'Time of the Month'

  • 4 stars

With the ability to stalk pop stars from Shanghai to Shoreditch, presenter and comedian Eleanor Conway (Virgin's Red Room, Clash Music) hosts a live chatshow right from the heart of Edinburgh's Fringe. Special Fringe guests will be dropping in to take sofa and chew the fat, and her highly trained celebrity experts from…

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