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  • 9 August 2007

This article is from 2007.

Fake Fang

Raucous punk club Fast has secured the talents of Michael Dracula and Fake Fang (pictured) for a live double bill of fearsome live acts. DJs/promoters Chris Miller and George Taylor let us peak into their world of dirty punk glamour

5 words to describe the Fast experience?
Fun-drenched, hip-shakin’, punk disco party

4 things you love about the DJs/acts/bands on the bill
Emily (Michael Dracula) and Jane (Fake Fang) – two of Scotland’s most charismatic frontwomen on the same bill. Music that makes people lose control of their feet. And getting free entry to the country & western club upstairs (Ride This Train).

3 things you love about Edinburgh during the Festival
The smell of culture. Getting to use the heavy traffic as an excuse for being late for everything. Having a theatre group living in your bathroom.

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August
Going to work when the whole city seems to be on holiday. Jam doughnuts and squid.

1 thing you would change about the late-night Festival scene
Make it a rule rather than a gift.


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More riotous punk, electro, garage and rock'n'roll as Fast returns for one night only.

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