High Jinks with the Hamiltons (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

High Jinks with the Hamiltons

Bizarre yet mundane chat show from Neil and Christine

The role of chat show host is a tricky one to master – one has to take centre stage if conversation is dragging, but yield the spotlight when guests are ready to shine. This concept has bypassed Neil and Christine Hamilton entirely, as they rely solely on their own mismatched bizzarity to keep the audience morbidly interested.

The Hamiltons: High Jinks with the Hamiltons!

  • 2 stars

Hooray, they’re back! They've missed you as much as you've missed them! So they're galloping back with their irreverent humour, quirky take on life and myriad glorious guests. Join Neil and Christine for a fandango of fun and frolics with the festival stars of today and tomorrow, they spot them first! There’s nothing…

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