Top of the props: Best use of objects in Edinburgh 2011 Fringe comedy

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  • 24 August 2011

This article is from 2011

Top of the props: Best use of objects in Edinburgh 2011 Fringe comedy

Mr Piffles - Piff the Magic Dragon

Including a levitating dog, a liver and a bag of urine

The best items on the comedy conveyor belt

A levitating dog
Brave old Mr Piffles might have his own polo neck jumper, but for the purposes of this column, he’s a prop, right? In Piff the Magic Dragon’s super show, he floats above the very ground (with no strings attached?) at the grand finale.

A liver
Given the task of breathalysing Arthur Smith’s guests to make sure they’re suitably soused, an Edinburgh council licencing department guy gives a talk on the dangers of alcohol and the damage it does to the liver. He holds up a drinker’s liver (actually a cooked one) compared with a non-drinker’s liver (raw).

A bag of piss
For one of his many tiny acts of rebellion, Rich Fulcher brings on a snap-shut plastic bag of his own urine which he pours into his own beer. We’ll leave your imagination to run wild about what happened next …

A taco kit
Sam Simmons tells a story about growing up in poverty, when having an Old El Paso Taco Kit was a special one-off treat for the whole family. To recreate that magical moment on stage, he opens the sachet of seasoning powder and pours the entire contents into his mouth, immediately coughing it all up saying, ‘It doesn’t taste the same!’

A cock costume
In this year’s Behemoth show, Nadia Kamil has a brief backstage break, appearing dramatically in a full ‘cock costume’. Word on the street suggests that she temporarily lost her phone in said outfit.

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