Do Not Take Advice From This Man - Jim Smallman and Friends (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Do Not Take Advice From This Man - Jim Smallman and Friends

Four comedians try to sort out your life

Hosted by veritable tattooligan Jim Smallman, four comedians each day gather in the back of a pub, build a bank of combined knowledge and try to sort out your life.

Joined by Diane Spencer, Naz Osmanoglu, Tony Jameson and Danny McLoughlin, Smallman seems genuinely eager for the audience to bare all so advice can be dispensed accordingly. Over the hour there’s a range of problems from ‘I’m a lawyer’ (understandable) to ‘My boyfriend is embarrassing’, also understandable as the boyfriend in question, claiming to be a wannabe stand-up, had been promptly enlisted as the fifth member of the panel and had just told a remarkable ill-judged joke, endearing himself to no-one.

It’s rowdy and bawdy, chugging along at a good pace, with each comedian jumping into the fore on the infrequent occasions jokes fall flat. The advice-giving panel this time round is a mix of likeable, funny and disposable: Diane Spencer proving that girls are often bloody good at this comedy malarkey with a biting line in banter, juxtaposed by Naz Osmanoglu slumped in the corner, either hungover or very bored: I feel nothing would have been lost without his presence.

Jim Smallman is a very funny man and the show is reckless without losing its endearing qualities, but perhaps he ought to make sure his guests actually want to be there.

Do Not Take Advice From This Man - Jim Smallman and Friends - Free

  • 3 stars

Purveyor of idiocy (and award-winning stand-up) Jim Smallman and chums from the world of comedy will solve your problems. Guaranteed, or your money back.

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