Eight (3 stars)

This article is from 2011


Eight beautifully-written stories impressively told

A selection of eight stories are impressively told here in monologue rotation. Among them are grieving art gallery owner Andre, struggling single mum Bobby and Jude, a well-to-do lad coming of age on foreign shores. Ella Hickson’s characters are beautifully written and each of the actors weave compelling stories. Trimming back to allow the addition of an extra couple of voices would have afforded a heftier, more universal message.

Spaces on the Mile, 0845 508 8316, run ended 20 Aug, 3.10pm, £8 (£6).


  • 3 stars

Hickson's characters, from Millie, the jolly-hockey-sticks prostitute who mourns the loss of the good old British class system, to Miles, a 7/7 survivor and Danny, an ex-squaddie who makes friends in morgues, 'Eight' looks at what has happened to a generation that has grown up in a world where everything has become…