Mary Christ - The Unmusical! (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Mary Christ - The Unmusical!

Crude, unfunny innuendo from excitable drag queen

Sharing a black box theatre with Mary Christ is like being trapped in a cupboard with a vampire. The excitable drag queen gets up close and personal with her audience, divulging details of her sex life, but there’s no satire here, just 45 minutes of crude, unfunny innuendo.

Jury’s Inn, 0845 508 8387, until 27 Aug, 10.10pm, £8.50 (£6.50).

Mary Christ - The Unmusical!

  • 2 stars

She's hilarious, outrageous and she's gorgeous! She has done everything from being a judge in a Miss Camel Beauty Pageant to working as a defibrillator in the porn industry, but what is she going to do about the not so little Jesus? She may not be the best mother in the world, but she is one of the most colourful! Mary…

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