Chris Mayo's Panic Attack (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Chris Mayo's Panic Attack

An engaging stress-related show

Alongside Seminar and Raymond Mearns’ hour, here is another stress-related show, as Mayo chats forcibly about what makes him panic. Everything, by the sounds of it, but he’s confident enough to get up and retell some embarrassing moments (trying to impress girls at school, being mistaken for a charity case). An engaging show spoiled by an overly-long poem about clubbing.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 28 Aug, 6pm, £7–£8.

Chris Mayo's Panic Attack

  • 3 stars

Stress + Panic x Skinny Boy = Chris Mayo, full time hypochondriac. Join me on my quest to discover what makes us tick and why in this hilarious (hopefully) and truthful (sadly) debut stand up show. If you have ever panicked, worried, freaked, or thrown a wobbly, this show is for you, if you haven't, come along anyway and…

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