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  • 24 August 2011

This article is from 2011

Janice Galloway

The All Made Up author takes on our Q&A

Give us five words to describe All Made Up?

True. Funny. Sad. Teen-to-adult. Novel.

Which author should be more famous than they are now?

VS Naipaul. Because he’s irritating, self-regarding and self-involved enough that massive fame would be in with a shout of soothing his elephantine ego long enough to avoid any more daft pronouncements about what writing is and is not for maybe a week and a half. The kind of writer that gets literary writers a Bad Name. Booooo.

What do you love about book festivals?

Audiences turning up. The goodwill. The sociability. Writing is a solitary business without them.

Which dead author do you wish was still alive today?

I can imagine wishing three dead people alive for the sheer pleasure of hearing their voices again and getting to touch them, but none of them are writers. The voices of writers stay alive after death as it is. That’s enough for me. I don’t want to be greedy.

What was the last book you read?

David Sacks’ The Alphabet, the story of the most startling human technological breakthrough.

26 Aug, 11.30am, £10 (£8); Alasdair Gray’s Fleck, 29 Aug, 8pm, £15 (£12).


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Janice Galloway

After her first volume of autobiography, the ironically titled This is Not About Me, Galloway moves on to her teenage years with All Made Up. Through descriptions of puberty, sex and schoolroom politics, she directs her lucid and penetrating prose onto the morals and ambitions of a small Ayrshire town. When she entered…

Canongate Pop Up Shop

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An Evening with Janice Galloway

Janice Galloway discusses the second volume of her memoirs, All Made Up. Tickets via the Royal Concert Hall.

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