When Abel Met Cain (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

When Abel Met Cain

Middle Eastern music distracted by incoherant stories

Raphael Rodan and Anastasis Sarakatsanos are talented musicians – between them they create a Middle-Eastern atmosphere using guitar, percussion and kanun (a Turkish stringed instrument). Rodan is also highly charismatic, telling tales of brotherhood and betrayal with passion and energy. Unfortunately, the stories fail to cohere, sitting awkwardly together. With some stronger material, though, these two should be a highlight at future Fringes.

Paradise in The Vault, 510 0022, until 28 Aug, 7.35pm, £5 (£3.50).

When Abel Met Cain

Storytelling performance combining myth, fantasy and real life to delve into the roots of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

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