Unanswered, We Ride (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Unanswered, We Ride

An emotional portrait of grief

Joe Tippett and Martha Wollner take on multiple roles to flank Joy Barrett’s journey as bereaved mother Reese in a portrait of all-consuming, selfish grief. Despite one jarring attempt at an Irish accent, all aspects collide to create an engrossing study of a complex emotion. There are very few moments of levity to temper the onslaught of anguish. Bring tissues.

theSpaces on the Mile, 0845 508 8316, until 27 Aug, times vary, £9 (£8).

Unanswered, We Ride

  • 3 stars

Some questions are simply … unanswerable. When her daughter falls at school and life changes forever, Reese O’Leary does what any devoted mother would do – runs away from home. Theatre Daedalus proudly presents this world premiere by award-winning playwright, Jaclyn Villano. In Unanswered, We Ride, New York actors Joy…

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