Maybe if you Choreograph Me, You Will Feel Better (4 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Maybe if you Choreograph Me, You Will Feel Better

Solo show with a unique personal experience

Tania El Khoury is a gifted young Lebanese performance artist based in the UK. This tantalising solo gives one man at a time the power to decide what she’ll do and how she will do it. Led to a ‘secret’ yet public location we speak to her via headset a series of instructions which she then obeys. With its built-in unpredictability this special piece is loaded with provocative political implications and just a trace of lost romance.

Meet at Forest Café,, times vary, until 27 Aug, free.

Maybe If You Choreograph Me, You Will Feel Better

Tania El Khoury offers herself up for direction in this piece of performance art. Via a dictaphone, a male audience member directs El Khoury with commands either scripted or not, in a bid to explore the relationship between female performance and the male gaze. Debuted at the Forest Fringe in 2011, this piece is the…

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