Constantinople (4 stars)

This article is from 2011.


Completely ridiculous and unexpectedly educational

Theatre Beating’s lunatic dramatisation of the rise and fall of Constantinople is like a great pop song; it thrives on the tension between being completely brilliant and also very, very stupid. The jokes are consistently from the daft end of the street, but the physical skill, total commitment, wide-eyed affability and sound research of the Kiwi performers give the show unlikely wings. Wisely silly, ridiculously funny and unexpectedly educational.

Electric Circus, 226 4224, until 29 Aug, 3pm or 10.30pm, free.


  • 4 stars

Look out there. You see that? Okay… now look… beyond. Through. Inside. Outside… to the city of Constantinople. Amazing isn't it. Now come back. Back to now. You see that man? He is Barnie. He made this solo thing… that has another person in it too. A performance lecture looking at the life and city of the Emperor…

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