Vive le Cabaret (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Vive le Cabaret

Fishnets, comedy and clowning share the bill

Made up like a goth-clown in a tail suit, the cabaret ringmaster bounds onto the stage accompanied by glitzy peacock-tailed dancers. There’s a desperate attempt to emphasise the sexiness of this show, with some forced audience interaction and calls for everyone to get ‘hot and horny’. So far, so good, if this type of traditional, dancehall cabaret featuring lots of bare bottoms and fishnets is your thing. But this fun and games is short-lived, as the stage gives way to an up-and-down series of single-act performances.

After some sordid stories from Jeff Leach, we get a promising six-minute enactment of 100 years of women’s liberation from burlesque clown Audacity Chutzpah, travelling through time in various stages of undress. Frank Sinazi sings right-wing crooner classics such as the terrorist-themed ‘Strangers on my Flight’, and gives us a round of jokes with more Third Reich puns than you’d think possible. Most impressive were dance group Hustle – but with Beyoncé-style choreography, not hugely exciting – and Scott Capurro seemed to steal the show with boundary-testing gags. This show supposedly pioneered cabaret at the Fringe; now it doesn’t know what it is other than a way for comedians to advertise their own shows.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 29 Aug, 10.30pm, £12 (£10).

Vive le Cabaret

  • 2 stars

The show that led the cabaret revolution on the Fringe is even bigger and better than before. Breathing new life into Great British variety, Vive le Cabaret gathers performers from all around the world to create a dazzling spectacle that is guaranteed to entertain and that never fails to please. No smoke. No mirrors. Just…

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