Adam Crow - Ashton Kutcher's Dead Girlfriends (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Adam Crow - Ashton Kutcher's Dead Girlfriends

Well-written but overly clever soul-baring stand-up

We’ve learned prior to this show that Adam Crow is in negotiations with 20th Century Fox about a script he’s written. In that respect, we wish him the best of luck, as his snappy one-liners will place him in good company with the likes of Diablo Cody and Quentin Tarantino. What may play out well in front of a camera, though, is less successful in a stand-up comedy environment.

It’s not that Crow’s material – mainly concerning his abusive upbringing and his ex-girlfriends’ mortality rate – is inaccessible; or that the jokes he makes are unfunny – some are very funny indeed, and the audience warms to him as the show progresses. But many of the lines are far weighed down with Crow’s cleverness. The line, ‘Take that with a pinch of salt, and when I say a pinch, I mean break a limb off Lot’s wife,’ is very funny, but this kind of shtick wears a bit thin when every sentence labours under the weight of similes and allusions. It’s a very arch form of writing that bodes well for Crow’s future career in Hollywood, but feels like it should be stripped back a bit comedic purposes.

Adam Ethan Crow

Adam Crow - Ashton Kutcher's Dead Girlfriends

  • 2 stars

What do Milton Jones, Jack Dee, Sean Lock, Micky Flanagan and Tim Vine have in common with Adam Ethan Crow? All seven were voted Zoo Magazine's top professional gagsters of 2011. 'From beatings to arrests to, yep, dead ex-girlfriends, his stories are all told from the heart. Extremely well thought-out, smart humour…


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