Fringe Bribes 2011 week three winner: Aaaand now for Something Completely Improvised

This article is from 2011

Fringe Bribes 2011 week three winner: Aaaand now for Something Completely Improvised

Runner-up: La Putyka

Our penultimate Bribe of the Week goes to improv comedy troupe Racing Minds, with their alphabetised listings-defeating Aaaand now for Something Completely Improvised. We were mildly impressed when we opened up their package to discover a tin of Norwegian crab paste; that was replaced with amazed disbelief when we uncovered a self-portrait by group member Daniel Roberts, who niftily included a copy of The List in the painting (the cover emblazoned with his own show, of course). He and the rest of his posse can be caught at Laughing Horse @ Meadow Bar until 28 Aug.

Running an extremely close second are the drunken clowns of La Putyka. No, we're not being overly insulting – these circus folk (hence the 'clown' bit) work under a name that means 'the pub' in their native Czech (hence the 'drunken' bit). For a troupe who were apparently sloshed, they did very well at performing some minor acrobatic feats in the List offices, where they handed out cans of premium Czech lager to get everyone in the mood. They also performed a quite astonishing rendition of 'Ten Green Bottles' using hastily-exchanged tuned bells, and serenaded us with a boozy ballad. The dears. Stagger over to Zoo Southside to see them until 27 Aug (not 21, 22 – presumably because they've been hitting the sauce too hard that weekend).

Unfortunately, there's no third place runner-up this week – we suspect the ardent Fringe-going groups have run out of money to fritter away on sweet nothings for bribe-hungry journos. We do have something a bit special that we're keeping aside for next week, though – find out what in next Wednesday's edition of The List.

LA PUTYKA - trailer

La Putyka

Award-winning contemporary circus fusing acrobatics, dance, theatre, puppets and live music. Forceful and funny, powerful and poetic, La Putyka explores Czech pub atmosphere with the glazed look of a sober pint … La Putyka [the pub] is staged by Cirk La Putyka, a company founded in 2009. That same year it won Czech…

Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised

The Fringe hit returns for a fifth year! After a sell-out run in 2013, Racing Minds return with an improvised comic adventure based entirely on audience suggestions – unique every day, and bigger and better than ever before! A doddery grandfather can’t quite remember his ripping yarn, but with your help a mystery stuffed…

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