Sound installation the Ethometric Museum set for Edinburgh Festival

This article is from 2011.

Ethometric Museum

A world of sound, where science meets music

Enter Ray Lee’s Ethometric Museum and be transported to a science fiction world of cosmic tones and esoteric technology. ‘Ethometric instruments represent the pinnacle of the little known – and some would say questionable – science of Ethometric Oscillation,’ explains Lee. ‘They produce what are described in the 1973 catalogue of Ethometric Instruments Ltd as “harmonically resonant sound and electro-magnetic waves”. I am fascinated by them because they are wonderfully appealing, mysterious and utterly compelling objects that make extraordinary sounds. How they work is shrouded in mystery. I’ve taken some apart, but I started to feel unwell and decided they were best left alone. Their kinetic action is in response to the electro-magnetic environment in which they are activated.’

Sound artist Lee created the award-winning Siren, a large-scale installion which toured the world and came to Edinburgh in 2007. The Ethometric Museum, however, offers a more intimate experience for the audience: ‘You are up close to the machines and it’s almost as if you are inside the performance as it takes place around you. I hope that visitors will share my sense of wonder at these mysterious machines as they whir, hum, spin and create their ethereal sound world.’

Hill Street Theatre, 226 6522, 19–28 Aug (not 22), 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, £9.00 (£7.50).

ethometric museum

Ethometric Museum

Enter the archive of Ethometric mysteries for an introduction to a collection of extraordinary machines brought to life by Ray Lee. Fascinating, compelling and hauntingly beautiful. Ethometric Museum is an immersive journey into a hypnotic and mesmerising world.

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