Simon Munnery's La Concepta at 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This article is from 2011

Simon Munnery

World’s first conceptual restaurant doesn’t involve food

Comedian Simon Munnery is presenting the world’s first conceptual restaurant – a dining experience that doesn’t involve food. Niki Boyle samples the menu

Ever wanted to sit down to a nice meal, but can’t really be bothered going through the rigmarole of actually putting food in your mouth? Wouldn’t you rather satisfy your cultural appetite with some amusing amuse-bouches, a garnish of giggles and lashings of laughter on top?

Quite frankly, no. No one has ever thought that sounds like a good idea – until now. Simon Munnery, not sufficiently challenged by his month-long stint at The Stand, has opted to perform up to six additional 20-minute shows daily at his conceptual comedy restaurant, La Concepta. Upon arrival at the restaurant’s secret location (sent by text if you reserve a table, or announced online at if you’d rather just show up), guests are seated by the maitre d’, served by the waiter, and checked up on by both the chef and his assistant (all played by Munnery), while sampling comedic dishes such as Guerre Premiere de Mondial (a capsule presentation of World War I), Swan Facts (‘hand-curled’ facts and non-facts about swans) and Absence du Mango (we’ll let you figure it out). Dishes are available from the prix fixe menu, or from the specially adapted randomiser (a menu with a numbered rollerblade wheel). Classy stuff.

Various locations, 0844 477 1000, 5–28 Aug, times vary, £10.

La Concepta

All the rigmarole of haute cuisine without the shame of eating. A genuine pop-up conceptual restaurant able to instantly spring up across Edinburgh, offering a varied menu of dishes comprising plates of art, jokes, songs, anecdotes, aphorisms, audio installations and more. A zero calorie, interactive and intimate dining…

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