Fringe 2011 comedy blogs: Pokermen

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  • 16 August 2011

This article is from 2011.

Fringe 2011 comedy blogs: Pokermen

Late night poker event which has featured Ed Byrne, Glenn Wool and Hardeep Singh Kohli

I’m a big fan of late-night comedian talk shows at the Fringe. To me it feels like we’re eavesdropping backstage at the end of a Festival day - unwinding, listening to comics gossip and bitch about their world. Sometimes, the eagerness to shine and be the funniest on stage can interrupt the flow of the show, and many a good anecdote has been bludgeoned to death by another comic interjecting with “Yer Mum” barbs.

So I was looking for something that would lift out and showcase that friction, that would give it a home of its own. PokerMen, does exactly that. It’s a show in which I and three guests chat, spitball great stories, muse about our career ups and downs, relive past exploits, and argue over everything and anything - politics, race, sex and who and what we find funny. The difference is, the sixty pounds I give them for turning up becomes their pot money in a game of Poker which is played by the four of us while we chat. Then the competition is on the table, firing everyone up to be a bit more candid, a lot more belligerent.

So far, Ed Byrne has chased out an audience member with a string of obscenities because they said they didn’t like Poker; Glenn Wool has been stung into anger by the card advice given across the table; and Hardeep Singh Kohli was promised a threesome if he won. I beat him and was not presented with the offer. Fancy a game?

Pokermen is at Assembly George Square, 5–28 Aug, 11.59pm


When comedians chat amongst themselves there’s a hidden agenda of rivalry, each one wants to be the wittiest, to have the funniest story, to top the previous hilarious anecdote. Can’t be helped. So what if we really made it competitive, upped the anti a little and coerced them into playing poker at the same time? And with…

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