Are You Happy Now? (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Are You Happy Now?

Pessimistic two-hander about dysfunctional relationships

First-time Fringe writer and director Sam Wright brings us a pessimistic two-hander about dysfunctional relationships. Mark Booth and Mark Jeary flit between the stories of two gay couples on the outs. The cast make an admirable attempt to convey the emotional intent of the piece but are let down by melodramatic dialogue and fussy staging, creating a confused result.

Kiwi Bar @ Walkabout,, until 27 Aug (not 22), 2.30pm, free.

Are You Happy Now? - Free

  • 2 stars

In the claustrophobia of a seemingly inescapable train station waiting room, two actors explore two imperfect relationships of four men. This challenging play is ultimately about loss and how we can have very different ideas of what love is.

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