Hitch and Mitch – Genisis (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Hitch and Mitch – Genisis

Shambolic sketch comedy about comedy

First off, an apology – Richard Hanrahan and Adam Mitchell specifically beseeched reviewers not to include the word ‘shambolic’ in their write-ups of the show. Which is all well and good, fellas, but when you go out of your way to incorporate shambolicism in your show (intentional or otherwise), what do you expect?

The sketches on offer lampoon the traditions of comedy, belabouring punchlines and mugging as if their lives depended on it. And while it’s all very well observed, the pair make little effort to rise above the topic they're skewering; to put down the perpetrators and then show them how it should be done. As it is, the laughs are frequent but faltering, only really gaining force when the whole thing descends into a shambles. Intentional or otherwise.

Hitch and Mitch - Genisis

  • 2 stars

‘Potential’ (Forth One) ‘Innocuous’ (Fest) ‘Sing-a-longs’ (ThreeWeeks) meets ‘Enjoyable’ (Thesun.co.uk) ‘Greased weasel’ (Evening News) with ‘Panache’ (Tvbomb.co.uk) and ‘Excess weight’ (ScotsGay). Award-winning double act, GSOH, seeks like-minded audience for silly afflatus. ‘Slick … original, intelligent humour’***…

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