Circolombia: Urban Intimo (3 stars)

This article is from 2011

Circolombia: Urban Intimo

Impressive circus showcase that leaves you wanting more

This colourful, multi-faceted circus skills showcase opens with allusions to the impoverished backgrounds of its cast members. The master of ceremonies crawls into the space inside a waste bucket while screens at the back of the stage show images of the cramped projects of Cali in Western Columbia. But there’s nothing self-pitying or maudlin about this show. Rather, its mix of stories and moods is testimony to the skill and versatility of these youngsters, all graduates of the renowned Circo Para Todos circus school.

The performers take to the stage with a certain swagger to a stirring amient soundtrack, but some of the acrobatic feats are so elaborate and daring that they can only be watched through the fingers. Each sequence starts small and builds gradually, adding further jeopardy: a seemingly innocuous skipping session grows into an exhilarating blur of back-flips, tumbling and somersaults while, later, an aerialist strikes a pose inside a wheel balanced on a performer’s forehead.

While hugely impressive, the show is far too short at around 55 minutes, and when the lights come up at the end there’s a almost a sense of disbelief from the crowd, as if we could have sat through at least the same again.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, until 29 Aug, noon, £14–£15 (£13–£14).

Circolombia: Urban

Urban, a showcase made of the best of the Colombian National circus school Circo Para Todos. The city’s the thread for the artists real stories, incorporating both joy and violence, a freestyle portrait of a society where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. Infused with live reggaeton with volcanic…