You Once Said Yes (4 stars)

This article is from 2011.

You Once Said Yes

Exhilarating interactive experience

This one-on-one interactive show is initially – and purposefully – disconcerting, but it swiftly becomes utterly thrilling, mysterious, funny and finally really quite sweet. It begins at Underbelly Cowgate, where single audience members are equipped for a journey and sent out into the streets of Edinburgh, where they’re engaged in a series of seemingly random encounters with a succession of strangers that takes the participant on an eventful promenade around the city.

To go into any detail about what actually happens would spoil the enjoyment of the show. But to get the most from it, the best advice would be simply to go with the flow and say yes whenever you’re given the opportunity. And during the slightly bewildering moments when you feel like you have been completely cut loose and are acting on your own, as it were, be safe in the knowledge that the organisers have everything under control.

Indeed, once the interactive experience is over you’ll marvel at just how well staged it was – and you’ll have the opportunity to quiz the masterminds behind it. Great stuff.

Underbelly, 0844 545 8252, until 29 Aug, every 10 minutes from 12.30pm–2.50pm, £15 (£12.50).

You Once Said Yes

  • 4 stars

‘It's your story, you decide.' This one on one interactive experience unfolds with you at the heart of it. Compelling and thrilling. Part theatrical experience, part real life, part city journey, keep saying yes and the experience might never stop. If you want something different, where you can gloat about getting one of…

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