Gavin Webster: All Young People Are C**ts (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Gavin Webster: All Young People Are C**ts

Likeably profane and bitter hour

Accoding to Geordie comic Gavin Webster, ‘all young people are cunts’. He believes that so much that he’s been driven to name this year’s Fringe show with the phrase, concluding his amiable hour with a profanity-fuelled sing-along. Admitting to being slightly haphazard in his approach, he has sheets of A4 and rough print-outs, which he fumbles in order to heighten a point. Perhaps someone told him that you have to put extra effort into a Fringe show, when you suspect that Webster would simply prefer to just stand there and tell stories.

And for 60 minutes he is good company, trying desperately not to sound bitter but largely failing. He begins with his own specific definition of both ‘young’ and ‘a cunt’ so we’re all on the same page; though the accent he adopts while impersonating a ‘young cunt’ suggests that in his mind’s eye, they are all straight outta Oxbridge.

Still, he has wider targets to take down, including those who he feels have helped to shape the current culture which has helped to create these monsters: namely, Simon Cowell, Oprah, Thatcher, Alan Sugar and local radio DJs. With a bit of luck, Webster won’t lose that bitter edge so he can continue creating amusing Fringe shows into his dotage.

The Stand II, 558 7272, until 28 Aug, 5.50pm, £8 (£7).

Gavin Webster The Quayside, Gateshead and Art Galleries

Gavin Webster: All Young People Are C**ts

  • 3 stars

Young people have no edge, they have no inspiration or distinction. They neither make us embarrassed with their collective pride nor make us scared to go out at nights. They have no culture to shock us or music that we can deride because it's all second-hand from previous generations. Gavin Webster, who is open to fair…

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