Carey Marx (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Carey Marx

Photography | Steve Ullathorn

The thinking man’s shock jock

Middle-aged and feeling decrepit and pointless, Carey Marx believes in speaking his sordid little mind. Opinions on clitoral stimuli, fat people who stop suddenly in the street, feminists and circumcision-revenge-rabbi-rape spill easily from his cherubic potty mouth.

Marx is cleverer than most and he never takes the easy route in his comedy. This year’s show, Laziness and Stuff, comes from a place where grumpiness is tempered by intellectual alacrity. He’s the cleverest kid at school who stayed living with his overbearing mum for a little too long, knowing full well that he can win any argument he gets into, but is ultimately overwhelmed by what little effect it will have.

Guiding the audience from the lifts of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower to his recalcitrant grasp of his own inner Jew, there’s a lot to enjoy here amongst the filth and creative ferment. Marx feels like a stand-up whose well will never run dry with the diatribes coming thick and fast. He’s also fearless and, like a dishevelled Jimmy Carr, callously outrageous and extremely good with hecklers. This show still needs some tightening up but it’s almost there.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 28 Aug, 10.15pm, £8–£9.50 (£7–£8.50).

Carey Marx at Chortle Fast Fringe 2010

Carey Marx: Laziness and Stuff

  • 3 stars

This year's show is compromising. ‘Ruthlessly uncompromising’ ★★★★ ( Yet blunt. ‘Knife-edged’ (Guardian). Full of common stupidity. ‘Rare insight and intelligence’ ★★★★★ (Herald). Dead vagina jokes. ’Marx is way beyond using shock tactics to get a laugh’ ★★★★ (Metro). Stupid and serious. ‘Brainy and funny…

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