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  • 27 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Canadian comic Phil Nichol has won this year's if.comeddies prize for his Stand show, The Naked Racist. Josie Long picked up the best newcomer award for Kindness and Exuberance, which is on at the Carfe Royal.

Mark Watson has won the first panel prize, which was set up to award the comedian who best captures the spirit of the Fringe. He and Long picked up £4,000, while Nichol got £8,000. The winners and nominees will perform at the Assembly Hall on Sunday and Monday at 8.15pm (different acts will be on each night)

The nominees for the main prize were Russell Howard, David O’Doherty, Paul Sinha and We Are Klang. The newcomer shortlist comprised Fat Tongue, God’s Pottery, Russell Kane and Josie Long.

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