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Fringe 2011 comedy blogs - Catie Wilkins

The little things that add to the theatrical experience

The great thing about the Edinburgh Festival is you never know what will be around the corner. I mean, you can usually take a punt that it will be a herd of flyerers, or some annoying street theatre, but sometimes the real life theatre going on around can be even better.

I was walking up The Royal Mile when I heard a Scottish woman on the phone, angrily shouting, 'Well I took the high road, and I still got here before you!' I felt like The 'Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond' had come to life, like this woman had taken the lyrics literally, and was annoyed that they had not proved fruitful navigational instructions.

Another real life thing that tickles me about Edinburgh is how the other comics call the day after the '2 for 1' offers, 'Black Wednesday,' because ticket sales are always down on that day. I think this demonstrates both how seriously comics take themselves, and yet how they can't ever stop joking, that they enjoy implying a poorly attended comedy show is the same as an atrocity.

There is generally a wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie between comedians at the festival. I like watching them interact with each other. The new enthusiastic ones and the more world weary ones, who could say things like, 'Man and boy I've been coming here, man and boy. I've seen it all.' But they don't generally tend to say that. Out loud. They don't need to. Their faces say it, as they watch the young upstarts, amused.

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