Fringe 2011 comedy blogs - Lou Sanders

This article is from 2011.

Fringe 2011 comedy blogs - Lou Sanders

The comedian gives the inside scoop on securing accomodation

This year I thought I’d treat myself to a more luxurious apartment in Edinburgh – I really shelled out for a bobby dazzler of the flat world. This came with all the mod cons... if mod cons include 3 different types of mouse traps. Actually the one type must have been very modern, because it was just old food down the side of one cupboard, but no visible trap. This is obviously because the mice are now very wise and they can identify traps, so they’ve made them invisible. Very modern.

A common complaint in rental flats is a dripping noise, but in our flat - that just means someone’s in the shower. And they might be a while in the shower, because the water is set to a special pressure which means you can only wash a couple of inches of skin at a time. Ideal for hand washing (your hands. Not garments - unless its a gloves). But on the plus side it’s freezing cold.

Still, we’re lucky we’re central and the rooms are big - so really I’m being a spoilt blinking brat, banging on about water temperature, when some people don’t have water (not in Scotland dummy in the other bits of the world). They have loads of water in Scotland - it falls from the sky every day.

But I do often wonder why the people who lease their flats in August ALWAYS live in the very top floor flat? If I had a top floor flat I couldn’t be arsed to move out – ever, let alone every August.

And why does everyone say, 'You can’t get a bad flat in Edinburgh'? You can – I’ve had 3 of them.

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