Fringe 2011 comedy blogs - Tony Law

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Fringe 2011 comedy blogs - Tony Law

An Interview with Tony Law, by Tony Law and for Tony Law. From Tony Law

You are not quite sure what a blog is, are you?
Don't you mean am I?

What? No.
Blog is what we are doing right now as in, Intervblog. We are doing an Intervblog.

Your show Go! Mr Tony Go! is on at the Stand at noon. It has been said that it really is a piece that should be viewed as the brother to Terrence Malick's recent film release The Tree of Life, on account of its huge scope and ambition. How are you able to achieve this by doing stand up comedy and hopefully getting laughs at the same time?
Look i don't wanna be rude but a Intervblog is different than a standard interview format. You need to be asking me bloggish questions about the festival generally. Otherwise publications would end up entirely interviews and reviews. There is a lot of space to fill up and one way of doing this is getting the comedians to do the work for them. Its perfect. Comedian gets a bit of press, the mag gets an article and no one needs paying. Win win. No matter how amazing my dangercomedy show is. So ask me about my worst gig or something.

Tony Law, who's original comedy show pushes the boundaries of what could be termed jokes or indeed comedy. Tell us about a gig where it went wrong for you.
At a gig called Late n Live one evening I played to a full house of Trolls, Demons, Serpents and Ghouls. Weekend crowd. The opening act was doing well with them, sharing stuff about women he had noticed and they remembered that they had too. However the atmosphere still felt menacing somehow. Then I was on opening with, 'That Joe Cocker! Turns out his arm was made of Dinosaur!' Dangerous opener. I didn't get another chance to formulate a verbal recovery. The only thing was to strip off my clothes to reveal my unitard. The sound man put on 'Darling Companion' when he hear me utter my safe word 'Swine!' then hauntingly, beautifully, I interpreted the Earth's feelings through the medium of modern dance. 

I danced and I danced to the Rhythm of their growing anger.  The chorus of hate spurring me on to triumph for good, while taunted the underworld with beauty. Walking backstage it was high fives all around. 'Follow that!' I left before the end.

Sounds to me like it went right.
It all depends on how you look at things.

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