Killing Time (3 stars)

  • 23 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

One has to wonder quite what this psychological thriller is doing on the Fringe, for it’s one of those pieces that falls rather uneasily between telly drama and the West End, and seems ill at ease among the weird experiment and thrown-together rough theatre going on around it. In it, television stars Claudia Christian and George Calil are a woman in an unhappy marriage and a shady ex-convict, each plotting and counterplotting around a murder and a large-scale fraud. There are some implausible twists of plot, but the piece is pretty well acted, and does enough to maintain the interest of a Tudor Gates kind of audience. (Steve Cramer)

C Chambers St, 0870 701 5105, until 28 Aug, 8.15pm, £9.50 (£8.50).

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