Interview: Jeremy Millar on exhibition Mystics or Rationalists?

This article is from 2011

Artist Jeremy Millar discusses his contribution to the Ingleby’s Mystics or Rationalists show

Artist discusses his contribution to Ingleby Edinburgh Art Festival show

How far do you agree with Sol LeWitt’s comment that ‘conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists’?
I think I’d tend to agree: they’re certainly rather more mystics than rationalists. Art isn’t rational, but it can be mystical.

What is the process of selecting work for a group show on a theme?
First of all, create the circumstances by which the exhibition might begin to accumulate, and then generate, its own intelligence; then, follow what it does. It’s nearly always right.

How important is the space at the Ingleby to your current work?
The works I’m showing weren’t made especially for this space but they are activated by it, the mirror cubes, especially. They create more space than they take up so they’re as important to the space as it is to them.

Can you tell us about your next project (we’ve heard that you are making a musical theatre piece with some Balinese performers)?
I’m working on a number of projects. The Bali project is rather long term, and work continues; more immediately, a number of videos: I’ve just finished one for the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, am working on another about Samuel Beckett’s secret marriage in Folkestone, and I’m developing another on curiosity and museum collections. I’m always developing new works, in one way or another. And it’s usually ‘another’.

Mystics or Rationalists, Ingleby Gallery, 556 4441, until 29 Oct, free.

Mystics or Rationalists?

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A group exhibition of works that go beyond the slightly arid scientism that's sometimes associated with conceptual art; these are objects of mystery and intrigue in their own right, as well as being generated by an idea. Featured artists include Susan Collis, Iran do Espirito Santo, Ceal Floyer, Susan Hiller, Jeremy…

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