Joanne Limburg - The Woman Who Thought Too Much

This article is from 2011.

Joanne Limburg - The Woman Who Thought Too Much

Author of OCD-themed novel appears at Edinburgh Book Festival

We all have stuff we worry about. Job security; an awful accident happening to our loved ones; what tune we should have played at our funeral? That kind of thing. But when it comes to full-on fretting, most of us are rank amateurs next to poet Joanne Limburg. She has pinpointed the bullying at school and a miscarriage as events in her life which may well have contributed to the inner turmoils which led her to constantly believing that bad things were about to happen to her or her family. It took 24 years for her to have OCD diagnosed, and with her memoir, The Woman Who Thought Too Much, she has laid her story out in minute and often too-painful detail.

In an enlightened age when mental illness can be spoken openly by everyone from Stephen Fry to Neil Lennon, Limburg’s memoir acts as a source for those OCD sufferers who may feel, with some justification, that their affliction is merely comic relief next to manic depression or schizophrenia. Those who take an hour to get to bed at night or leave the house in the morning because they’re too busy playing with light switches or rattling locks should grab this book for both comfort and solidarity.

17 Aug, 5pm, £10 (£8).

Joanne Limburg

Poet Joanne Limburg worries about global disasters, mainly because she thinks they may somehow be her fault. She also hates crossing the road, harbours an impulse to hurt defenceless animals and began to dread sitting at her desk to write for fear that her chair would catch fire. In The Woman Who Thought Too Much, this…

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