Remembering Annabel (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Remembering Annabel

Edgar Allan Poe adaptation feels messy despite flashes of humour

Riding high on the critical success of their 2010 show Pale Moon, the young members of Cathartic Connections chose to adapt Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee as their follow-up. While there are clever flashes of humour, much of the plotting feels messy and unfocused, and the acting lacks subtlety. There’s a great show in the company, but this unfortunately isn’t it.

theSpaces on North Bridge, 0845 557 6308, until 13 Aug, 3.05pm, £7.50 (£5).

Remembering Annabel

  • 2 stars

Obsession reaches beyond the grave. A man escapes into the memories of his first love to avoid the impossible bind he has been put under by his employers. A fantastical journey into the semi-real of a man's subconscious building on Poe's final poem to create an enchanting mix of text and physical performance. Striking.

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