Minute After Midday (4 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Minute After Midday

Pared-down performance based on Omagh bombing

Pared-down performances resonate here as three very different stories are told, in overlapping monologues, from the day the Omagh bombing devastated Ireland. A young survivor, a widow, and the driver who left the car bomb on Lower Market Street, relive the moments before and after the attack, to poignant effect.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 29 Aug (not 16), 1.30pm, £8.50–£9.50 (£7.50–£8.50).

Minute After Midday

  • 4 stars

‘The troubles have come to Lower Market Street. They will never leave’. Minute After Midday is a haunting memory play, which sees three characters relive the fear and the tragedy of the Omagh bombing. Nominated for the Irish National Radio Drama Awards. Nominated for Best New Writing at the 2011 ISDA Awards.

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