The Dipper (1 star)

This article is from 2011.

The Dipper

Utter nonsense misses the mark completely

What should have been the sting in The Dipper’s tail is inexplicably revealed in one of the very first moves anyone makes in this show, rendering the next 40 minutes pointless. A convoluted set-up results in a well to-do housewife cum jewel thief befriending her maid’s convict sister. Utter nonsense ensues and the sudden ending misses the mark completely.

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The Dipper - Free

  • 1 star

Set in the 1940's 'The Dipper' - light comedy drama. Patricia is a cultured woman of the world. Independently wealthy, she lives with her loyal servant of many years leading a conventional life in her London flat. However in this paradoxical world it soon turns out things aren't as innocent as they at first seem when a…

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