Fringe Bribes 2011: week two winner - Stuff and Nonsense by Paul Harry Allen

This article is from 2011

Fringe Bribes 2011: week two winner - Stuff and Nonsense by Paul Harry Allen

Also: Politically Erect, Liam Mullone and Paul Nathan

Stuff and Nonsense is a celebration of the random tat on sale at jumble sales, charity shops and the like. The show's creator, Paul Harry Allen, shared this love by sending us a set of coasters, tumblers and creepy drinks stirrers, packaged in a homemade box with pictures of puppies stuck on and tied with a paisley ribbon. Top marks for presentation. Stuff and Nonsense can be caught daily at Laughing Horse @ Finnegan's Wake, 15–26 Aug (not 21).

The boys at Politically Erect decided to promote their show Movin' On Up by sending us... well, it's probably better to let them use their own words. 'Please find enclosed 100 dollars and 100 condoms with which to entertain 100 ladies of your choosing. Just a taste of the future lifestyle on offer to the audience members of Movin' On Up!).' We'd like to make it clear that the dollars were (very obviously) counterfeit, and the condoms were flavoured. If that sort of thing appeals to you, they're on at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, until 28 Aug.

Liam Mullone went to the effort of having a book printed for us especially. The noble tome, entitled Hedgerow Calamity Faction (it's a children's book-style tale of libertarian insurrectionism, you see), was proudly imprinted with 'The List bribery copy limited edition (ie 1)' on the cover, and while it appears to have no direct connection to his show Down to the Bone, we appreciate the effort. Check him out at Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters (gosh, those Laughing Horses love a good bribe, don't they?), until Aug 28 (not 15–17).

And finally, magician Paul Nathan popped into the office to deliver his DVD and perform a magic trick especially for The List staff. We were a bit unnerved by his ability to make silk handkerchiefs disappear in front of our very eyes, but not as much as we were by his pointy ears on the cover of Devil in the Deck, which you can catch at Zoo Roxy until Mon 29 Aug (not 16, 23).

PS We also got cakes in again, from the folks behind the show Human Era and The Pretender, but the first lot weren't homemade (poor effort) and the latter were snaffled up before this humble correspondent could have a taste.

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