Interview - Mike Slott, Eclair Fifi and Machinedrum of LuckyMe

This article is from 2011

Mike Slott, Eclair Fifi and Machinedrum of Glasgow DIY label LuckyMe - Interview

Eclair Fifi

Glasgow DIY label set for Edinburgh Festival clubnight

Scottish record label LuckyMe is heading to Edinburgh for two nights of eclectic electronica. Their festival party includes performances and DJ sets from the likes of Rustie (Warp), Machinedrum (Planet Mu), The Blessings, Éclair FiFi and many more, followed by a live film score from Mike Slott the following day. The List talks to various members of the collective for an insight into the world of LuckyMe.

Mike Slott (producer)

I met Dom [Flannigan] who runs LuckyMe in Borders Books. He was sneaking flyers into hip hop magazines. We got chatting, we liked similar music and in Glasgow if you’re into a certain kind of music, you bump into the same people at the same nights. Then I met Hudson Mohawke and we all lived very close to each other, so we’d go and buy records together. Then, LuckyMe was an open mic night, then an open deck night. We always had an idea of eventually being a label of some sort, but it took a good few years to put out a record.

I never considered myself a big fan of electronic music. I always wanted to make hip hop when I was younger. but I guess when you do something for an amount of time it begins to morph into something else, whether it was your intention or not.

For my festival show, the idea was to choose a film, compose a new soundtrack and perform it live. I chose [Andrey Zvyagintsev’s] The Return. It was a film I’d seen before, and for some reason it’d really stuck in my head. It’s really interesting when you sit down and have visuals as well as music, as it allows you to be a lot more subtle. You don’t have to fill in all the blanks. They complement each other. One side takes care of the other. (interviewed by Henry Northmore)

Éclair Fifi (DJ)

Several years ago, I started going through to Glasgow most weekends because I was a little bored with the Edinburgh scene at the time. I instantly made friends with a lot of people actively involved with clubs like Monox, Numbers, Iridium, Optimo, etc. I met the likes of Konx-om-pax, Rustie and Hud Mo way before I’d even heard of LuckyMe.

A few years later I was asked to play at one of the first LuckyMe events in Edinburgh, and a little while after that they asked me to be part of the crew. I’m one of the only members that doesn’t really produce music – I am a DJ – so I guess I am trusted to always bring a good vibe to our events and get the label’s tracks heard in clubs, on radio, in mixes etc.

There is definitely a LuckyMe sound, but to describe it in words is so difficult. If I was to choose one word it would be ‘colourful’. So much thought and care goes into each piece of merchandise, the website, record releases and events. I think it’s also nice for fans to know that we are a big group of friends that want to push each others’ music, not a soulless money-driven company.

I genuinely think every single guest on the bill is brilliant, and there’s at least 16 of us playing – for a mere fiver. Machinedrum and Rustie both have new albums, and everyone needs to hear their new material in such an explosive atmosphere. Last year was incredible, so I have no doubt it will be just as dope this year. (interview by Henry Northmore)

Machinedrum (producer)

I started talking to Dom [Flannigan] a couple years ago when I was sending around demos of unreleased stuff. I really liked his vibe and loved the music on the label, so it was a natural fit. The Many Faces album I did with them was a few different projects I’d submitted released together under one name. We put out the ‘Alarma’ 12” last month and I’m planning a new EP this fall called SXLRD.

I started [new album] Room(s) a little over a year ago while travelling in Europe. The main thing that keeps everything rooted in my tunes is urban dance or club music, this time with more of a focus on jungle, juke, footwork and its relationship with hip hop. So not necessarily more mellow, but maybe less obviously thugged-out.

Scotland’s great. People really like to party, so it’s no wonder dance music is so big here, but at the same time the gorgeous countryside maybe offers producers a certain subliminal peace. A lot of them tend to have a very acute sense of melody and harmony which is missing in a lot of dance music. (interview by David Pollock)

Cabaret Voltaire, 220 6176, Fri 12 Aug, 11pm–5am, £5; Summerhall, 226 0000, Sat 13 Aug, 8pm-11pm, £9.

Machinedrum - Whatchuthinkin (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)

YouTube: The Return (trailer)

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