My Name is Hannibal: The Hannibal Montanabal Experience (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

My Name is Hannibal: The Hannibal Montanabal Experience

Intelligent dissections of comedy and life

Hannibal Buress is halfway through explaining that yes, that’s his real name, when a heckler pipes up and questions him on it anyway. ‘Why you gonna do that, man?’ Buress responds. ‘Why you gonna repeat back to me what I just said? What do you get out of that?’

The response is indicative of Buress’ style. Rather than treat the heckler to a dose of humiliation or outright profanity (and give him the extra attention he wanted in the first place), Buress makes inquiries, taking a scientific approach and working to discover the psychological root of the problem. He gets laughs not by making obvious observations but by deconstructing the situations he describes, whether it’s wanting to be a hero on the subway for non-altruistic reasons, dealing with ‘diversity’ in amateur student journalism or loving apple juice to the extent that it makes him oblivious to racism.

It’s not for everyone – the heckler leaves halfway through, presumably in search of a more antagonistic comedian – but it should appeal to those who like a little thought put into their comedy. Plus, the Disney-baiting subtitle for the show (The Hannibal Montanabal Experience) is one of the best at the Fringe, if a little misleading.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 29 Aug (not 15), 9.45pm, £10-£11.50 (£9-£10.50).

My Name Is Hannibal: The Hannibal Montanabal Experience

  • 3 stars

Cool, confident and intelligent, American comedian Hannibal Buress is a favourite at the Montreal, Chicago, New York and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. Hannibal generates laughs with the laid back, quirky observations that have become his trademark style. Don't miss this hilarious show! ‘The funniest young comic I've seen in…

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