Dave Gorman's Power Point Presentation (3 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Dave Gorman's Power Point Presentation

Inspired PowerPoint presentation from the genial everyman

Fringe shows that rely heavily on technical apparatus always stir a slight sense of apprehension. There’s always the risk that a large measure of the show’s impact will be neutered by some unforeseen meltdown. ‘Do you like the big screen?’ asks a clearly delighted Dave Gorman, aiming his pointer (no pun intended) at the floor-to-ceiling monitor that, in the course of an hour’s stand-up, will show the subtext to Gorman’s banter with a man in the front row, test his audience’s Pavlovian response to prompts such as ‘knock knock’, and even carry extracts from the script, stage directions included.

The show’s PowerPoint presentation structure isn’t just a conceit, though. Gorman’s on a mission to highlight the inconsistencies, errors and downright stupidities he’s discovered in social networking, advertising and the media, with the visual aids adding credence to his material.

The most inspired routine stems from the fact that the comic is often mistakenly thought to be Jewish, including having been placed at number 13 in a magazine round-up of the 25 most influential Jews. He puts this error down to his inoffensive everyman quality, which allows the disaffected to project a certain image onto him. Twitter has brought him a step closer to these people, and he retains a particular affection for those fans that send him pictures of their friends claiming a resemblance to their favourite comic (needless to say, none of them do).

In a breathless performance, Gorman whizzes through a cleverly constructed script that seamlessly marries the writing to his visuals. His weakest material (a routine about gorging on foods that make your urine smell) comes right at the end, leaving a slight feeling of anti-climax. But it’s hard not to stay onside with such a genial performer whose passion for the internet and its legions of oddball followers is infectious.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 28 Aug, 7.40pm, £15 (£13.50).

Dave Gorman's Power Point Presentation

  • 3 stars

The man behind Edinburgh hits Are You Dave Gorman and Googlewhack Adventure returns to the Fringe. Always one of comedy’s most innovative thinkers this genre-stretching performer is back, and for this brand new show he’s formed a double act with a projector screen, and they’d like to show you their PowerPoint…


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2. vgray10 Aug 2011, 1:37pm Report

The show was brilliant. I was a almost little disappointed that it was't based on one big adventure like googlewhack or are you dave gorman just because you can get so involved in them with him but I still laughed all the way through. 5 stars for sure

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