Tom Green (2 stars)

This article is from 2011.

Tom Green

Porn and meat-fuelled non-event

On the most relentlessly wet Fringe day since the sodden floods of 2008, it’s perhaps understandable that a late show might start half an hour late. That our bone-dry Hollywood host made no mention whatsoever of the endurance test his devoted fans (and the mildly curious) had just suffered on his behalf is not so easily cast aside. This lack of empathy could have been steadily forgiven had Tom Green come to Edinbro with an actual show. Instead, he throws up a sequence of blunt observations, tame routines and flat punchlines, all of which merely play on the tolerance of his disciples.

This is an hour of endless, unfunny contradictions. He derides the LA celebrity lifestyle but has a cheery anecdote about his unhappy experience on Celebrity Apprentice while berating the lack of fame of his fellow failed entrepreneurs. The bit about how he longs for a simpler time when having a phone meant the one that sat in your house pales in anaemic comparison to a similar routine by Louis CK. Arguably most irritating of all is his pre-August insistence that his gigs are constantly ruined by fans hollering out lines from the notoriously awful Freddy Got Fingered. Yet during one of the many lulls, he practically implores his crowd to shout out quotes.

Green’s audience interaction amounts to pointing out Michael Winslow among the gathering, charmlessly mocking inaudible contributions and high-fiving a front-row like-mind who whoops at every mention of porn and chicken. Did you know that back in the pre-internet day, kids used to find discarded jazz mags in the woods? Wow, no one has ever said that in a comedy show. And, hey, vegetarians are retards! Which is a perfectly justifiable opinion for a comic to hold if they have any material whatsoever to back it up. If this is Tom Green’s idea of a ‘partaay!!’ then I’m leaving my unopened invite in a drawer.

Udderbelly’s Pasture, 0844 545 8252, until 14 Aug, 10.55pm, £13–£15 (£12–£14).

Tom Green: World Comedy Tour

  • 2 stars

You know Tom Green as the funniest, most unpredictable personality on MTV, and his unforgettable, uproarious film comedies including Road Trip and Freddy Got Fingered. He's graced the cover of Rolling Stone, commandeered the coveted guest-host chair on The Late Show with David Letterman and conquered the World Wide Web…

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1. James McKay8 Aug 2011, 12:37pm Report

I saw the show on Friday and it was AWESOME!!! I just read the 5***** review of this show in The Herald. Seems to be the same show/night they are talking about? It's just this reviewer seems he did not get it. I believe The Herald! This man is a legend!

2. Nuke Laloosh8 Aug 2011, 3:05pm Report

Totally agree with your comments James. Me and my friend had an absolutely fantastic time and laughed our @sses off at the Thursday show.

3. hitchcock1018 Aug 2011, 3:37pm Report

Tom green is the funniest man alive, he makes me proud to be Canadian. Great job brother

4. weebizkit11 Aug 2011, 7:18pm Report

Saw his show, just like the other comment said, this reviewer obv never "got it". He's kinda like Jim Carry imo, some ppl just get it, and love him, and some ppl cant stand him and hate him. Is unfair to say his punchlines are flat etc etc, that your opinion. I was at the same show as this review, and ide say everyone else in there was laughing their heads off, and would disagree on that.
Also, its a bit unfair to say it was hard to forgive him coz he never thanked you for waiting in the rain?! Not only is there plenty of cover from the rain, but he also was wet! his rainjacket was soaked! so he was not a "bone dry Hollywood host" lol thats no reason to not enjoy his crazy jokes lol

5. TheLaw14 Aug 2011, 9:06pm Report

I had a marvellous time at this show! My pal, who's sneers at just about everything, called it "a comedy masterclass". Thankfully, it's not just silly romping - he gleefully exposes the banality of rude comedy with manic swearing. He begins quite bizarrely, and while he doesn't exhibit the spontaneity his avid fans might expect, he retains full control of hecklers with sheer honesty rather than put-downs. More thought-provoking than your average comic, Green is well worth a visit.

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