Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong (3 stars)

This article is from 2011

Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong

The art of entertaining

Theatre Bom’s Pop-Up! is based around the inspired notion of recreating famous paintings, such as Arcimboldo’s ‘fruit faces’ and Seurat’s ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette’, live onstage. Don’t be nervous: an in-depth knowledge of history of art is not required, just a free hour and a daft sense of humour.

There’s a very sketchy (sorry) story here, about an adventurous, if rather clumsy, girl whose interactions with well-known artworks tend to lead to chaos, but this is really a pretext for a load of silly visual gags and some striking tableau.

There’s also a lovely sequence in which Moo-Dong stumbles across a giant-sized jigsaw version of Arcimboldo’s ‘Summer’ and has to put all the pieces together with a little help from the audience. Another episode features a carnival of ingenious puppet zoo animals, including an elephant, a zebra and a snake, who chase Moo-Dong around the stage.

Only the rather insipid deconstruction of Seurat’s work, which comes towards the end of the show, falls a little flat, but otherwise there’s plenty of colour and movement here to keep younger kids and daft grown-ups entertained.

C Chambers Street, 0845 260 1234, until 29 Aug (not 15), 11.10am, £7.50–£8.50 (£6.50–£7.50).

Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong

  • 3 stars

Pop-Up! makes its European debut. Inspired by famous works of art from around the world, Pop-Up! is the amazing adventure of Moo-Dong the young traveller. Join her on her colourful journey as she meets characters from famous paintings that come to life before your eyes! Packed fun with puppets, video, dance, music and…