Paul Daniels (3 stars)

This article is from 2011

Paul Daniels

You’re going to like this . . .

‘Do I look better than Donald Trump?’ asks Paul Daniels as he walks on, wigged up. He shouldn’t be here, really. The Sun newspaper has run a story saying he’s been hospitalised at the hands of Sooty and a flying piece of pizza. Silly tabloids. The audience chortles. Ten minutes of chit-chat later and the magic begins. Comedy too (so says the Fringe programme). Certainly his comic commentary isn’t that shabby for a man who has been far longer in the magic business than he’s been out of it.

The obligatory card tricks, note tricks, rabbit in-a-hat tricks and ball-in-the-cup tricks ensue. To his credit, Daniels’ rapport with the audience and his obvious love of the game help things along nicely, duly assisted by the (unintentionally) hapless comedy duo from the front row, called upon to help him on stage. Lovely Debbie’s there too, of course, shimmying on in a pink 90s-style cocktail number. ‘Shall I clear up after you?’ she coos as the pair exchange their trademark (and somewhat tired) domestic interplay. There’s nothing fresh here, but if some old-school retro magic is your bag, this could be your ticket.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 28 Aug, 5pm, £14–£15 (£13–£14).

Paul Daniels: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  • 3 stars

The most successful magician of the 20th-century and international sex symbol comes to town with the very lovely Debbie McGee with a show full of comedy, magic and amazement. He promises not to dance.

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