Sclavi/Song of an Emigrant (4 stars)

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Based on one man’s return to his native land, this piece looks at the exploitation of a race forced abroad for work. Through a patchwork of harrowing and jubilant stories, it portrays a very different way of life from our own. It’s a mesmerising montage of pain, fear, love and despair, shown through extraordinarily inventive movement, harmonious folk songs, rhythmic drumming and an accordion. Set in and around a highly adaptable red wagon, Viliam Doèolomansky’s acrobatic choreography is risky and dangerous, adding an edge of unpredictability and recklessness to the piece. Even if you’re not a fan of physical theatre, open your mind and appreciate this strong piece of visual theatre in its own right. (Greer Ogston)

Aurora Nova @ St Stephen’s, 558 3853, until 28 Aug, 11am, £10-£12.

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