Fringe Bribes 2011: Week 1 winner - Ashton Kutcher’s Dead Girlfriends by Adam Crow

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Fringe Bribes 2011 week one winner: Ashton Kutcher’s Dead Girlfriends by Adam Crow

Also: Paul Vickers, Tom Goodliffe, Fresh Bread and Kevin Shepherd

The List’s drive for bribes got off to an overwhelmingly successful start, weeks before the Fringe even began. The grand winner in our first batch of bribers was Adam Crow and his show, Ashton Kutcher’s Dead Girlfriends, in which the sinister comic outlines the mortality rate of his previous paramours, in comparison with a certain Hollywood celebrity. Crow’s currently in negotiations with 20th Century Fox about a script he’s written, one of the perks of which is he gets two free passes to the next Fox premiere at Leicester Square, London – two passes he’s cannily passed onto us as a bribe. We’ll be giving them away as a competition prize in the near future; in the meantime, Crow can be found performing at Laughing Horse @ City Café, Fri 5–Mon 29 Aug.

There were a host of other bribers who also deserve honourable mentions for their efforts. Edinburgh-based surrealist musician Paul Vickers (of Dawn of the Replicants/The Leg fame) impressed us with a squeezy toy snail, an unlabelled apothecary bottle filled with goo, and instructions on how to turn said snail into a horse. All buried under masses of green glitter, particles of which The List is still picking from its beard. Find out what that’s all about by attending Twonkeys Castle (no apostrophe, ta) at Beehive Inn, Thu 4–Sun 28 Aug (not Tuesdays).

Former accountant Tom Goodliffe drew attention to his show (The Good Liffe, natch) with an ‘I [Heart] Spreadsheets’ mug filled with chocolates. The List loves a good spreadsheet, almost as much as it enjoys a good mug full of chocolates. See what Tom has to offer at Cabaret Voltaire, Thu 4–Mon 29 Aug (not 15).

And finally, some of you may have noticed a hint of cake-related subliminal messaging in The List’s bribe campaign. Two Fringers certainly picked up on it: Fresh Bread, who came to List HQ to hand-deliver a massive chocolatey sponge cake (with slices of bread on top to make it relevant); and Kevin Shepherd, who sent us three cake-baking recipe books with a small note: ‘Give a journalist cake and you feed him for a day; teach a journalist to bake and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Cheeky bugger. Catch them respectively performing Johnny’s Favourite Show, Banshee’s Labyrinth, Sat 6–Sat 27 Aug (not Tuesdays), and Caronicle, Laughing Horse @ White Horse, Thu 4–Sun 28 Aug.

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