Deluge, The (3 stars)

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

This adaptation of Karen Blixen’s short story, which leads with the auspicious name of Susannah York, works pretty effectively. In it, we meet four posh Danes who have sacrificed their place in a rescue boat to shelter in an attic as floodwaters rise. Each has a story to tell that merges with semi mythic pasts and archetypes, and while there’s a slightly disturbing intimation of late Neitzchean anti-semitism, it’s a tense kind of tale. A good performance from a slightly fluey York on the day, well-supported by a cast that includes regular Scottish face Candida Benson overcomes an, at times, slightly clunky adaptation. (Steve Cramer)

Hill Street, 226 6522, until 28 Aug, 3.45pm, £8 (£6).

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