The Velveteen Rabbit children's show from Backhand Theatre

This article is from 2011.

The Velveteen Rabbit children's show from Backhand Theatre

Much-loved children’s tale takes to the stage at 2011 Edinburgh Festival

Following the success of 2010’s Greek Myths for Kids (which returns for another run this year), Backhand Theatre are back at the Fringe with a new adaptation of Margery Williams’ 1922 novel, The Velveteen Rabbit.

One of six shows presented by the company in Edinburgh this month, it combines the heart-warming story – in which a boy’s toy rabbit yearns to become real – with specially crafted puppets by artistic director Jake Linzey and a healthy amount of audience interaction.

‘Both myself and Jake were surprised that we couldn’t find a record of The Velveteen Rabbit being performed at the Fringe since 1999,’ says co-founder and performer Nicola Buys. ‘He read the story to me on the train home from Edinburgh at the end of last year’s Fringe, and we decided there and then that any story that could keep a group of exhausted actors captivated was definitely one worth telling.’

Despite being nearly 90 years old, the book still has an important message for us all, as Buys says: ‘The book teaches that to be ‘real’ is not about what you look like on the outside or what others think of you. It’s about being yourself.’

C eca, 0845 260 1234, 3–29 Aug (not 15), 11am, £6.50–£8.50 (£4.50–£7.50).

The Velveteen Rabbit

Backhand Theatre brings to life this magical literary classic by Margery Williams. Share in the recollections of our friend The Raggy Doll and hear the enchanting story of how one boy's favourite toy was loved so much that he became real. This beautiful story is brought to life using stunning and realistic puppetry that…

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