Soy de Cuba brings Havana dance, music and song

This article is from 2011

Soy de Cuba brings Havana dance, music and song

The sound of contemporary Cuba visits 2011 Edinburgh Festival

With influences from South America, Spain and Africa dating back centuries, it’s fair to say Cuba is a melting pot of styles. So it stands to reason that the latest music and dance sensation to come out of the Caribbean island is equally diverse.

Featuring twelve dancers, five musicians and two vocalists, Soy de Cuba is a homage to Cuban music and dance. Unlike most shows from Havana, however, you won’t find a whiff of ‘Guantanamera’ here. Instead Soy de Cuba uses a brand new score by Cuban composer Rembert Egües, inspired by music of the past and present. Which, in turn, influenced choreographer Dieser Serrano.

‘We used contemporary Cuban dance for the base of all the movement,’ explains Serrano. ‘And we used old and new styles from Cuba and Africa like salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, some hip hop and folklore to make a fusion.’

For many people in Cuba, leaving the country to explore foreign lands isn’t an option. Artists, however, are afforded much more freedom of movement. Meaning that each time Serrano travels abroad, he brings something back.

‘Every time I visit another country, I try to see everything I can,’ he says. ‘The way people move, how they express themselves, their music - to take something that could be interesting and then put it on stage in my own way.’

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, 6–29 Aug (not 15), 10.30pm, £15 (£12). Previews 4 & 5 Aug, £10.


Soy de Cuba

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Red Hot from Havana! Mambo, Salsa, Reggaeton! Surrender to the rhythms of Cuba. A legendary Salsa band - spectacular Cuban dancers. Passionate, unbridled, infectious entertainment. The hottest high-octane dance party on the planet! Get ready to Rumba!