Camille O’Sullivan: Feel

This article is from 2011

Camille O’Sullivan: Feel

Sultry chanteuse brings new set of noir reworkings of classic songs to 2011 Edinburgh Festival

Camille O’Sullivan is in agony. Two weeks before her show, Feel, opens, she has yet to finalise the set.

‘I am at the table surrounded with CDs, with stickers on the walls,’ she confesses from her home in Dublin. ‘I look around and see the songs I like are all about being vulnerable, sad, a love affair that didn’t go right, I’m gonna die. The kitchen is looking a bit mental.’

Approaching her seventh – or is it her eighth, she has lost count – festival, it is not getting easier. There will still be songs by Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Tom Waits, just not the same ones as last year. This delights some fans, who are desperate for new material, and infuriates others, who want to hear their favourites.

She is contemplating ‘Revelator’ by American folkstress Gillian Welch. But will she do it justice? ‘The last thing you want to sound like is a tribute artist. You need to doff your hat, then give it something else.’ Another candidate, Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’, is ‘sad, mournful, melancholy, poignant and heartbreaking’.

Neither she, nor the audience, will have an easy night of it. ‘It’s going to be tough. I do songs that are not pleasing to people. Then we can all go “phew” afterwards.’

Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance, 0131 556 6550, 3–29 Aug (not 9, 15), 8pm, £16.50–£18.50, previews 3-5 August (£10).

Camille O'Sullivan - Oh Lord (Cave)

Camille O'Sullivan - Hurt

Camille O'Sullivan: Feel

Multi-award-winning Irish/French chanteuse Camille returns with her new show. Singer, actress, award-winning architect, painter, TV panellist… O’Sullivan is one of Ireland’s most unique artists. With five star sell out seasons in London, New York, Sydney Opera House and Edinburgh, this charismatically unique performer…